Amplified Sound
Please ensure any amplified sound is not played or audible outdoors.

Checking Out
Check out time is normally 11am.  Please confirm your departure time with Michelle.

Fireworks and Lanterns
Fireworks and lanterns are not permitted indoors or outdoors as we are in a wildlife corridor.

We would ask you to kindly remove your outdoor shoes on any carpeted areas. Slippers are recommended on the stone floors.

Rubbish & Recycling
The rubbish bin in the kitchen is in the drawer next to the fridge. When full, rubbish can be transferred to wheelie bins which are situated in the gated courtyard opposite the kitchen. If you wish to recycle food scraps/bottles/cans and plastic there are recycling containers in the utility room.

Please refrain from smoking inside the property or in the hot tub.
Ash trays are provided outside the front door.