Since 2003, we have led the effort to permanently protect the heritage of the castle while also giving it a contemporary feel.


In 2008 Carr Hall Castle was voted 'Britain's Best Home' in a Channel Five series, however this Grade II folly which looks like a Norman castle started life in the early 19th Century as a farmhouse and barn for breeding shire horses. These were converted into a castle by the Shaw family in about 1860. But they never lived there: they simply wanted to create a view and being the owners of one of the biggest woollen mills in Yorkshire, they could afford to indulge their fantasies.

The Shaw family wanted a romantic castle in their view, something they could see from their own large house, so they built this. They got the idea from castles they had seen on the grand tour of Europe that many wealthy Victorians did. The castle boasts battlements, towers with arrow slit windows and arch headed windows.

The cottage next to the castle was used by the farm manager but over the years the properties gradually fell into disrepair. The buildings were bought and partially modernised in 1964, before being sold in 2002 to the current owners who have created a wonderful contemporary interior and converted the stable block into a fantastic indoor swimming pool and gym. The ruins of a mill stand in the twelve-acre grounds and there is also a working water wheel.

We had a fantastic time at the Castle, everything about it was great, definitely a very unique property! Fulfilled all our expectations.
— SJ - April 2011