Arrival Checklist


I confirm the following information in relation to my stay:


A maximum of 10 guests are permitted during my stay. Guest names are to be provided at the time of booking. Any changes will be advised at least 24 hours prior to arrival.


I understand that on site Security Personnel will check the names of any guests/visitors to the pre-notified guest list.


Any day visitors will be pre-notified and agreed by the owners and no unauthorised guests will be invited to the Castle.


I understand that CCTV Cameras are in use externally, in the Swimming Pool area and Entrance Hall for security/safety reasons.


Outdoor or Indoor Fireworks will not be used.


No Amplified Sound will be played outdoors or be audible outdoors.


Any children under 18 will be supervised by an adult at all times when in the swimming pool, hot tub, lake or near the river.


Smoking is not permitted inside the property. Ashtrays are provided outside.


Outdoor shoes will be removed inside the property.


Any breakages/damage/faults will be notified to the owners on departure.


The deer park is privately owned, the deer may be aggressive. Please use the footpath in the woods if leaving the grounds on foot.


Table cloths will be used on the dining table to prevent scratches.